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Commercial/Industrial Trash Compactor Rentals

Improve your bottom line with a commercial compactor rental!

Trash Compactor Rentals for Commercial or Industrial Applications

Diamond Rentals uniquely designed compaction systems can help any residential property manager reduce costs and increase the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Diamond Rentals. Inc. has years of experience providing compaction equipment that is tailored specifically to your needs. While our competitors are only simply interested in getting their compactor out, Diamond Rentals, Inc. is here to do what is right for our customers and provide equipment that is best suited for your needs. Whether an existing site or new construction Diamond Rentals, Inc. can save you money by reducing your pickup/hauling costs.

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Added Curb Appeal
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Cleaner Communities
  • Installation of equipment is included
  • Routine maintenance at no additional cost

Learn how commercial/industrial compactor rentals can improve your bottom line today!

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Commercial/Industrial Trash Compactor Rental Products

Self-Contained Compactor Container

Self-Contained Commercial Compactor Systems Ideal for Safe and Sanitary Handling of Wet Waste

Self-contained commercial compactors are designed specifically for wet/liquified waste applications.

The compactor is permanently attached to the container and mounted on its understructure. When the container is full, the entire unit is loaded onto a roll-off hoist truck for transportation to the landfill.

Two styles tailored to facility requirements Note: roll-off hoist trucks use a variety of designs to load and secure the containers for transportation. The understructure of the self-contained compactor must match the hauler’s truck system.

Consult the hauler for the correct understructure before ordering the compaction equipment.

Stationary Compactors

Stationary Industrial Compactor Systems for Wet or Dry, High Volume, Heavy-Duty Waste Stream Material Handling

Stationary compactors are bolted or welded on-site to compact waste stream materials into a portable container or trailer that is hauled to the landfill when filled.

Diamond Compactor Rentals stationary compactors are built tough with better materials to accommodate the toughest application requirements and provide a long service life of 10 to 20 years for around-the-clock operation. With a diverse choice of user-selected features, each machine is tailored to the exact needs of the installation to maximize space efficiency; loading, enclosure, control performance; and compaction load economy.


Pre-crushers provide the ultimate compaction by crushing a load within the machine before loading and compacting it again in the container. This process causes the material to be broken, condensed, and reformed to better fit into the container.

Pre-crushers achieve forces of up to 161,620 PSI. What really makes the difference is the ram face PSI of up to 89.8 at a hydraulic pressure of 2,100 pounds per square inch. Pre-crushers are great for operations that require product destruction, white goods consolidation, or compaction of metal and wood products.

Every pre-crusher is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Our pre-crusher designs include a three-point Nylatron block guide system, which evenly distributes pressure on waste material at full force every time. This absence of fishtailing, bucking, or buckling increases the life span of the compactor and requires less maintenance. Also, with Diamond Compactor Rental equipment, you get the best warranty in the industry every machine is built to last.

Hydraulic Cart Dumpers

Diamond Compactor Rentals helps move waste and recycling material through and out of all forms of production facilities with a diverse line of cart lift and dumper products that can reach up to 30 ft and handle load capacities to 8000 lbs.

We offer comprehensive fabrication services to fit all cart tipper products to your specific material handling equipment, facility requirements including integration with our extensive lines of stationery, self-contained and pre-crusher compactors.

Our cart tippers and lifts offer peace of mind by reducing back injuries, improving production, eliminating bottlenecks, and keeping facilities looking great. A properly designed system will almost always save money — day after day, year after year.

All dumpers are built to customer container dimensional specs and handling requirements. We can help determine your needs and present you with a system that will dump loads up to 8,000 lbs with dump heights up to 30 feet.

Vertical Balers

The High-Rise Style Compactor is used in multi-level dwelling applications. This unit can be retrofitted into most building locations and makes use of existing trash chutes. This product combined with chute exhaust systems will make trash disposal less of an odor problem.

Commercial Trash Compactor Rental Benefits

Renting A Residential / Apartment Compactor Saves you Money

In most cases, residential properties achieve a reduction in overall operating costs by renting a compactor versus outright purchase.

Renting A Residential / Apartment Compactor Reduces Your Liability

Reduced pick-up frequency means fewer trucks on-site, thus reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Residential Compactor Rentals Reduce Maintenance Costs

The addition of an on-site residential compactor reduces the number of trips commercial trucks make to your site. This reduces traffic significantly reduces costly repairs to your property’s asphalt.

Residential Compactors Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

Most traditional dumpsters are in questionable condition and are an embarrassing eyesore. When you rent a residential compactor from Diamond rentals, we provide a centrally located and beautifully landscaped compactor area, minimizing refuse space and optimizing your property’s curb appeal.

Handle Any Waste Quantity With Bulk Collection

Residential trash compactors virtually eliminate unsightly trash overflow from move-ins, holidays, and weekends. Additionally, furniture and other bulky items can be easily disposed of in our compactors. Not only can we make you look better, we help create happy tenants!

Closed Residential Compactors Reduce Odor

Open containers & dumpsters allow odors to escape and attract rodents and scavengers. Diamond Rental’s residential compactors are closed containers that trap odors, reduce pest issues and eliminate flying debris. An odor neutralizer can also be installed for extra odor protection.

Compaction Auto Start Systems Are Worry-Free

Our residential compactor auto-start systems eliminate the need for maintenance personnel to operate equipment, saving money and headaches.

Let Diamond Rentals Help You Get Started With a Industrial/Commercial Compactor Rental

Improve your property and your bottom line with a residential / apartment compactor rental!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure what type of compaction equipment we need at our location.

We completely understand.  Our highly trained staff will work with you and perform a site survey to help determine the correct compaction equipment.

Is the rental tax deductible?

In most cases, yes; however, it is best to consult your accountant.

Are there an additional cost with renting a compactor?

NO. Installation and maintenance is included in the monthly rental cost. The monthly rental may be subject to local and or state sales tax.

What if our needs for compaction equipment change?

Our highly skilled staff will be more than happy to help assist you in determining you compaction equipment needs.

* If you are unsure about tax deduction, please consult an accountant