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Do You Have Problems With Your Trash? Diamond Compactor Rentals Can Help!

Improve your property and your bottom line with a compactor rental!

THE National Trash Compactor Rental Company

Diamond Rentals, Inc. is an industry leader in the rental of compactors for residential communities. Our uniquely designed systems can help any property manager reduce costs, and increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. All of our products meet or exceed current ANSI and OSHA regulations for safety! 

Our trained team will help you select the best system for your needs, the best location on your property for the compaction system, and help you design enclosures that will enhance the looks and efficiency of your community.

We Can Help you Improve:

  • Site Security
  • Site Appearance
  • Site Safety
  • Cost Controls
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Peace Of Mind

Get Started With A Compactor Rental Today!

Improve your property and your bottom line with a residential / apartment compactor rental!

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